Baochuan Guo, Ph.D., Founder and President, has 15 years of experience in cancer
research and 8 years in management of a biomedical company and clinical diagnostic lab. He
has succeed in securing multiple US government grants, and co-founded Center for Molecular
Cancer Diagnostics, Inc;
Naizhen Wang, Ph.D./M.D. VP of R&D, has 20 years of experience in cancer research and
biomedical product development.

A molecular cancer dignostics company

Glen Gaughan, Ph.D., MBA, CEO-in-Residence at BioEnterprise. He has provided business
development, fundraising, product development, and other consulting services to early stage
biomedical companies for the past 10 years. 

Yiding Liu, Ph.D.,VP of Product Development, inventor of multiple GLC's proprietary
technologies and products, one of the top specialists on fecal DNA testing in the world.
GLC's Advantages
Intellectual Property